Our Bread

Slow fermented and lovingly handcrafted from locally sourced organic
stoneground wheat and rye flour, artificial additive and enzyme free.

Better bred white bread

Slow fermented white loaf using organic stoneground flour
Contains:Organic white flour, water, yeast, sea salt

Better Bred brown

Better Bred brown

Better bred brown bread

Slow fermented brown loaf using organic stoneground white & wholemeal flours
Contains: Organic white and wholemeal flours, water, yeast, sea salt

Royd Rye (sourdough)

Naturally leavened loaf using 100% rye flour
Organic rye flour, water, sea salt. Contains no wheat flour. Rye flour contains rye gluten

Mytholmroyd Maslin

Mytholmroyd Maslin

Mytholmroyd Maslin (sourdough)

Naturally leavened loaf using a mix of organic white, spelt & rye flours.
Contains: Organic white flour, organic rye flour, spelt flour, water, sea salt

Cragg Vale Crust (sourdough)

Naturally leavened loaf using 100% organic white flour.
Contains: Organic white & spelt flours, water, sea salt

We also bake a range of other breads on different days of the week

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Better Bred White
Better Bred Brown
Cragg Vale Crust
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Our speciality loaf changes each week. Here are some recent specials

Olive Bread

Organic white flour, rye flour, water, natural black olives,yeast, olive oil, sea salt (1%), herbs de Provence

Moor Ale Bread

Organic white flour, rye flour, (25%), water, Little Valley Brewery (Cragg Vale) Moor Ale, yeast, sea salt (1%)

Chocolate & Currant

Organic stoneground white flour, water, currants, vegan chocolate chips & cocoa, water, sea salt (1%).


Organic white flour, water, olive oil, malt extract, yeast, sea salt

All of our breads are suitable for vegetarians and vegans